If you’re thinking about buying some exercise programs, Shakeology or the colored containers from Beachbody and are worried about cost, please listen!

I’ve seen people reselling these items on sites like Ebay, Amazon, or Mercari. I cannot believe that people are buying this stuff! It is SO much more expensive on these places than getting it through me. Honestly, I just saw an older BB program listed at EIGHTY DOLLARS! It DOESN’T cost that much! Not only is that too much money for it, but for just a little bit more, you can have access to ALL programs-past, present, and FUTURE.

People are paying $150 for a bag of Shakeology. WHAT??? I just wish that I could reach through my computer screen and shake some sense into them. šŸ™‚ Also, by buying this way, they don’t get a support system. That’s the difference between making a change and living the change.

No pressure with sales. No hounding. Just unwavering support.

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