Howdy! Update.

So, you wanna know how the Atkins thing is going? I really thought that I was going to be shaking and trembling. A pale(r) shell of my former self, writhing and moaning on the floor in sheer agony.

Nope. I’ve been working out.  Yeah, I’ve been getting some hot flashes. Sure, I’ve been shaking a little bit. But, honestly, I feel pretty good. This is just the first week. I’m looking forward to when this really takes off!

Eggs with bacon for breakfast. Hamburger with creamy tomato sauce for lunch. Yeah, you heard me. CREAM. I’ve been using heavy whipping cream in my cooking AND grass-fed butter. Honestly, I should buy stock in Kerrygold. It doesn’t hurt my stomach. I guess that eating  real, whole food really IS the answer. Who knew?

I’ve made fudge, shrimp scampi with zoodles (pictured above), lots of bacon, pepperoni/cheese chips, and chocolate-coconut fat bombs….  Lots of variety!

Now, with Atkins, they eat quite a bit of protein. In Keto, the protein is kept to only 20% of your calories. If you have a lot of protein, your body will turn it into carbs. I didn’t know that before this. So, I’ve been keeping the protein low. I can’t wait for my silicone molds to come in the mail so that I can make more fat bombs! There’s a strawberry cheesecake one that I’m DYING to try!





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