Ask Dr. G.

This week, I went to a fundraiser at my son’s school. I honestly believe that I got more out of this night than the school did.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a.k.a. “Dr G.” is a Pittsburgh physician, and a parenting and youth development expert. And she’s funny. All of her anecdotes and advice come with a soupçon of comedy. She’s been on shows such as Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, and The Today Show. She’s written articles for Yahoo News,, Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, and many more.

This night’s talk was about “Teaching your Kids Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience.” Let’s face it, raising healthy, balance little humans can be tough. Some of the subjects that she touched on were chores, teaching boundaries, and saying that dreaded word: “No.”

We all want our kids to be happy, right? The formula for happiness (according to a survey) is: Confidence+Strong Relationships+Being Good at Something= HAPPY. Common sense, right? Not really. We want our kids to be happy RIGHT NOW. So much so that we’ll bend our own rules and not follow our inner guidance just to give them Instant Gratification. “Ah, look at them. They’re not complaining or moping around the place. They’re happy. I’m happy. Oh, a notification on Facebook.”

We all need to focus on integrity and values. What kind of adult to we want them to become? Is your kid going to be that person at work that no one wants to do a project with because they’ll end up doing all of the work? No, me neither.

I highly recommend checking her site out:


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