My First Post: The Introduction


A little bit about me. So, I guess that you’ve probably figured out that I like working out. That much is a given.  I’d like to share some more with you.


I am 41 years old now.  I was 15 when I was diagnosed with (at the time it was called) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I spent six months struggling with the hopelessness of not being able to do the things like a normal sophomore. I missed four months of school.

Not only did that set me back in school, but there were all kinds of rumors about me. I heard that I was pregnant. Yeah, right!  I died. Felt like it, but no. Of course, I was faking being sick. That’s what I heard the most.

I’ve spent most of my life going between periods of good health and being bedridden.  Try adding to that a baby, work,  and being surrounded with people who can’t understand.

My Next Steps

In an effort to “get healthy,” I found a doctor to help diagnose my problems. We tried SO many tests. Lupus, Lyme, RA…. they all came back “negative.” Well, Lyme was a close one and I was pre-diabetic. Finally, she gave me the “Fibromyalgia” diagnosis and a slew of anti-depressants and anti-seizure meds. Yeah.

One of the scripts most-often given to FM patients is Gabapentin. It’s for nerve pain and seizures. One of the common side effects is weight gain. For me, it was pretty rapid. I gained forty pounds in about six months without having any changes to my diet. Just WHOOMP!

I broke up with my doctor after she told me, “Well, I don’t know what else to do with you.” Nice, right? I gave up. I was fat and miserable and I was in incredible pain. My weight ballooned up to 235. I felt hopeless.


The Change

In the summer of 2015, my son asked me to play catch with him. I really didn’t want to do it, but how could I tell him that?  I knew that it was too hot for me and that I’d get wiped out from playing? That’s when I had it.

I started seeing a nutritionist, which was nice. “Nice” because she meant well and probably did help others. At this point, I needed a little more structure, while still having freedom to change up my routines. That’s when I fell in love with Beachbody.

I had signed up with the company years before and was assigned a coach. That’s as far as I got back then.  This time, I started following her on Facebook. I saw an interesting bit about a free challenge group and I JUMPED into action. I haven’t looked back since. 🙂



Having a chronic illness has shown some incredible challenges. I’ll post about the process at another time. This is the Reader’s Digest version of my experience. To make it short: my pain levels have drastically decreased and I’ve lost 60 pounds. No, it was NOT overnight and it wasn’t all easy. BUT, it was WORTH IT!!!

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